Getting the basic facts for your case should be easy, but opposing counsel can throw up frustrating roadblocks that waste your time and try your patience. At this stage, it’s important to pick your battles and play nice.  Learn timesaving tips for getting what you want while maintaining positive professional relationships with opposing counsel and the court.

November 18, 2020

EP207 - Find Your Own Path

What does success mean to you? And is there a “right path” to get there?  Amy Gunn introduces you to three St. Louis attorneys who created opportunities, changed focus and readjusted their goals to find personal satisfaction and achieve their own definition of success.  If you are grappling with self-doubt or are just tired of coloring inside the lines, don’t miss this inspiring podcast.

Jennifer L. Hardester founded her consulting firm, STL Med Law, LLC, in 2017 to assist counsel representing patients in potential or actual claims against healthcare entities.  She helps navigate clinical records, find experts, draft discovery, work on trial strategy and determine how to get the best, most efficient resolution for their clients

Joy Harris Hennessy, Partner at Thompson Coburn, LLP, Joy advises health systems, health plans, group purchasing organizations, physician groups, and other health care entities on a wide range of health care legal issues.

Jennifer J. Roy, Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Circuit Attorney’s Office, Jennifer has been appointed to serve as the District Election Officers (DEOs) for the Eastern District of Missouri, and in that capacity are responsible for overseeing the District's handling of complaints of election fraud and voting rights concerns in consultation with Justice Department Headquarters in Washington.

Is your legal writing as persuasive as your argument? Are you getting to the point or wasting time searching a thesaurus? Erica, Liz, Mary and Elizabeth share insights on how to set a communication goal, establish the proper tone, address the appropriate audience and keep your message simple.  You’ll also  learn their most feared typos and uncover common copy and paste pitfalls.

You cannot do it all. But delegation takes trust, commitment, clear communication and an open door. Who has time for that? Amy, Erica, Liz and Mary encourage you to delegate by sharing strategies that strengthen teams, build trust and just might lighten your load. Why not start right now? Delegate anything that gets in the way of listening to this podcast.

Closing arguments are often your last chance to address the jury. Do you rely on Powerpoints or passion? Recap the case or direct the deliberations? Or try to do it all? Amy, Liz, Erica and Elizabeth share winning strategies that will help you prepare your next closing argument.

It’s not easy to tell a client you can’t take their case or talk to a co-worker who is not performing up to expectations. How you frame the conversation can make it more productive and less personal.  Amy, Liz, Erica and Elizabeth share their experiences with difficult discussions and offer constructive tips that help make putting on your big girl pants a little less daunting.

In person or virtual, mediation poses unique challenges. How do you handle a mediator who steps out of line? What additional terms should you include in negotiations? And when the final offer is on the table, should you stay or should you go?  Learn a few tips on preparing your client and your case for mediation in this week’s episode of Heels in the Courtroom.

Society views ambition as a positive trait for men, but not necessarily for women. Are we subconsciously creating our own glass ceiling? And what can we do to change? Heels in the Courtroom kicks off Season Two with an inspiring conversation on feminine ambition for female professionals who struggle to attain the recognition they deserve.

October 6, 2020

Season Two Promo - Mary

So close! Season Two of Heels in the Courtroom starts tomorrow, October 7, 2020.  We’re recording new episodes and bringing guests into the conversation to share new perspectives.  Got a topic you want us to talk about? Drop us an email at

September 30, 2020

Season Two Promo - Erica

You don’t have to wait much longer!  The first episode of Season Two drops October 7, 2020. In the meantime, explore our existing library for episodes you might have missed. We’re recording the new season now, so send your topic ideas to and let us know what’s on your mind. 

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